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Overpower Radio dot com is a proud member of the G.D.I. network. Our website / domain name with G.D.I. offers us (the consumers) a remarkable opportunity to generate residual incomes, by referring others to G.D.I. Overpower Radio is just one of many marketing affiliate assisting others with web design, and online marketing training, providing leadership and information that motivates others who have the will to succeed. Together we make a great team. Join us in G.D.I. and increase the residual earnings of your home or business. 



Corporate Projects in GDI

For big businesses / corporations and other large online projects that require huge amounts of traffic and upload space to your domain name, use Yahoo in conjunction with GDI. Once you've registered your GDI domain, you can point your GDI domain name to your Yahoo domain account and get 1,000 emails for your GDI domain, with unlimited disk space, and unlimited traffic to your website for as low as $6.47 per month for the first 3 mths, and $9.99 per month afterwards.

Marrying the two (GDI with Yahoo Domains) you can refer GDI through a website / online network of any capacity and generate more than enough in residual income to cover all of your hosting expenses. Free Domain Name when You Purchase Yahoo! Web Hosting Plan 


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Plant Your Money Tree:

The Revolutionary Way of Earning an Income


There are money tree seeds you can have for free, but first you’ll need fertile soil. Fertile soil is a website that is made fertile by the quality of the content you publish to it. This is music, video, writings, art, and the overall design that your visitors will love to experience, as this is the key factor of how much time visitors will spend on your site. Even if your website is designed (primarily) to sell a product, we are consumers of presentation. You can not touch, taste, or smell anything on your computer screen. If you have a product that isn't selling, without changing the product at all, you could create a newer, cutting edge presentation that would dramatically increase sales. It’s very important you understand that your way with the written word, sounds, pictures, and videos must be detailed to perfection. It’s the key to yours success! Get into practice and build your skill. 


Once you have fertile soil, you need seeds to plant. Your seeds are links within your website that generate money through user clicks. Links can be an ad line of text, a graphic banner advertisement that you get paid per click, or per commission (ie: commision junction, link share, or Google Adsense), or it can be an add-to-cart or buy now link for direct sales (visit Paypal and sign up for a premier business account). These can be digital products (like e-books, music downloads, software, video downloads, or other), or a product that you ship directly from your home.  


Seeds need water and light to grow, once they’re planted. Your water is your “online traffic,” and the light is the visibility (design and location) of the links on your viewers screen, but there’s one other component, and that’s your aim! You wouldn’t throw a bucket of water over rocks, so don’t throw your online traffic to places of your website that’s irrelevant to the user. It’s a waste of time and energy (and could be a waste of money). Direct your traffic, using ads as a source (a sign) that speaks directly to a group of individuals, a sign that says I have what you need or want. Your ads should appeal to their fun side catering to the life they live, or the lifestyle they’re interested in living with the use of your product. For them, it all begins with a click. Afterwards, everything you have to show to prove to them this is real - is what they should see. Wonderful graphics that showcase the product from an artistic point of view, well written information about the product, and (if you can) provide them with credentials to establish a sense of security in their choosing to do business with you. Show them you are real, and the quality of your seed is real, (again) through your presentation (the soil = quality of your content).  (Please continue reading...) 




·            You are about to bear witness to a business venture that offers you (both) a product and an opportunity you can share with others, who are interested in earning an additional income.

·            Only 1% of our population owns most of the money. Use the need for a greater income in our society to your advantage, as it will make you money, and help others make money, as they take ownership of your product.

·            You don't have to borrow or save up to start this business. This is a business you can afford today. Yet, it has the potential to reap a greater profit for you than a doctor makes in a year.

·           The market for your product is wide open for use by everyday people, artists, professionals, and companies (both large and small).  

·            No need to worry about anyone joining this business at the bottom of the chain without an opportunity to earn. This industry will be open for generations to come, giving you the ability to progress throughout the ages. Your product may be marketed to speak to their needs at any given time in the future. Along with the elders, the youth are growing to express new ideas, new inventions, new art, starting new businesses, and new families. Your business is designed to apply to such growth.

·            You can begin to generate profit through just a few direct sales, starting now!

·              No Prior Experience Necessary!




The Winner Is! …Residual Income



Residual income earners don’t suffer the tragic losses that are potential to pay day earners. Residual incomes may fluctuate up or down, but it doesn’t stop in a day, like when someone resigns, gets laid-off, or is fired and all they have to look forward to is their last check. When you trade hours for dollars (working for hourly wages), your last day at work gives you about a week to two weeks (tops!) till you either have to file for unemployment or find another job, because you can best believe that you won’t receive another dime from your former employer, ever again! You’re own your own!



Residual income keeps coming in, even when you decide to stop working. Notice; I said “decide to stop”, because you can’t get fired. Once your work is complete, your income funnel is actively streaming. Your future remains in your control, without the fear of what will happen next, should you decide not to get up to go to work this morning, or decide you need to take a month or two or three off. This relieves a great deal of stress and panic, during those times you’re making transitions in your life (relocating, vacationing, going to school, pursuing new business ventures, etc).  You won’t be pressured to find a job. A nice residual income will give you security, a cushion, so you won’t be intimidated to make irrational decisions on the edge of panic about your next move. You can use your heart to dream and create a logical map to pursue it. Live the life you dream of, and let your work on this planet be in doing something you love that inspires you. 


Look at actors and musicians and those who reap incomes from investments that pay them over time. They earn residual incomes. When a musician’s record comes out, they make their money in CD sales and from ticket sales on tour, but for years to come after that record is old and their tour is over, they still receive royalties on those same songs. People like Ray Charles, and Bob Marley are earning residual incomes from their graves for the people they left behind. Long after your work is done, your money is still coming in. This is what you call, wealth! How many people in our day-to-day lives can claim they have this? You can have a system of royalties that pays you just like this, even without being an entertainer. 


….so if there’s one thing you’ve learned so far, it's that a residual income blesses you with a security hourly wage incomes do not. I offer you an opportunity to become financially secure with a business that you may continue to reap an income from, long after you stop working it, but first you must apply yourself. (click here to ride the money train!)

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