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UCF Coding Bootcamp BadgeI received my certificate for full-stack web development from UCF (University of Central Florida). I write code in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Node.js, Mongodb, and PHP w/Larvel. I'm experienced with creating mobile responsive designs for user-friendly interaction on smaller devices (ie. cell phones and tablets). I  also have experience with React.js, MySQL, Google Firebase, Github, and Heroku.

A brand in any industry should have a strong social media presence to maintain a relationship with its clients and generate interests from prospective new customers. Downy, yes, the company that makes dryer sheets, has a Facebook page with over 1.5 MILLION followers. AutoZone, yes, the place you buy windshield wiper fluid from, has a Facebook page with over 1.1 MILLION followers. Social media can help turn a small business into big business. Posting content on social media and growing an online audience secures existing customers and attracts new business in virtually any demographic.

My specialty includes creating mobile-responsive blogs that are as dynamic as an android or iPhone app - to make creating blog articles and posting to all of the major social networks as user-friendly as just 1 click. The time efficiency of the way your website will perform will be a huge relief and keep the task fun, vs, having to toggle through multiple pages of all your accounts and copy and paste links one by one to the number of networks that you're apart of.

 My Service Includes:

  • A Mobile Responsive design for your blog
  • User Authentication with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and others
  • Social Media Share buttons, your readers can click on to share your information on their page
  • One click - will publish your blog post and post to social media
  • Social Media Admin - I will perform the market research to create educated quality articles to post to your blog, and engage with your audience as they comment on the information.

For more information and to get a quote for the service you need;

Contact: Will Carroll
Ph: (407) 734-3123